Ringtonium Lite – a remarkable ringtone maker with free music library inside. Cut and edit unlimited ringtones, create unique tones and alerts! App Reviews

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Constantly crashes

I was on the app for about two seconds and it crashed I went back on several times and it kept crashing.DO NOT GET THIS APP IT IS A PIECE OF CRAP AND ISNT EVEN WORTH THE TIME

Works like a charm.

Very simple to adjust the selection of music you want! e.g. a 32 second sample from a song on your iTunes. My only complaint is it is hard to find the save button - the ad blocks it on the bottom. At that point you just watch the tutorial to find out how to get it on your phones list of ringtones!

Doesnt Work and awkward to use.

Just find another app

Started off well...

...but then constantly crashed when trying to use the ringtone.

Doesnt work

Crashes when I try to use.


It does what I need it to do.

Quick & Easy

Its #1! Your tone will sound professional.

Good stuff

I like not having to pay for ring tones since I already paid for the whole song! It would be better if I could do the whole thing from my phone, but maybe that is an iTunes thing.

The best app ever!!!

I rarely write reviews for apps. But this one is different. The new update has made it perfect. I just love this app. :)

How isnt this popular?

This app is awesome, glad that I know of it now. Wish I wouldve known about it sooner. Its so much fun making my own ringtones. Keep up the great work. I recommend to everyone. Seriously guys and girls get this app. Its amazing.

Love it

Its so easy and all the songs I want are just a ringtone a way


Waste of time n money just so they can send u to the full version that you have to waste money on just so it dosent work ....waaaaaacckkkk

No uploading songs

I got this problem since some weeks!!! When I will upload a song for making a ringtone it shows me a notification that it wont work!!! Thats bad pls fix it and give us a upload


Best app for ringtone


Its really simple to make a ring tone with this app


Nice app to covert music to ring tone. Like the ez of it

Pretty dope

You have to learn to import tones into iTunes, but other than that this app is pretty boss.

Works great

The app works well. A bit of a pain to get the tone on your phone, but that isnt the apps fault.

Loved it !!

I use it to record things youd never find as a ringtone and then (after a few steps) I have an awesome text tone or ringtone and I LOVE IT !!!

Fantasic but really obtrusive adds

Better than the others

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